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Thursday, September 6, 2012

More About Frasier

This past Tuesday I took Frasier to the vet for a follow-up appointment. I was going to take him in on Friday but they thought sooner would be best, since he had spent most of the weekend at the emergency vet. 

He is doing a lot better and has even gained some weight back. We don't know what caused his illness, since the culture that was sent to the lab came back negative. He didn't have an infection. and it's hard to say what else could have caused it. We just have to manage his kidney disease with low protein food, lots of water, and maybe some other medication or supplement if he needs it. 

Lounging on the back of the couch. Very relaxed.

I am trying to give him a lot of wet food each day. I tried three different brands of prescription kidney diet food that the emergency vet sent home with me. He didn't like the first two but seems to like the third one, so that is good. He also has the kidney diet dry food that he likes as well. It's been a bit stressful trying to make sure he gets the right food, and enough, while also making sure Louis is fed too (suddenly Louis doesn't want to eat his regular food). Thankfully I live close to the vet so I can get this special food easily. I think I'm going to need two new jobs just to pay for the food ;)

I have to take Frasier back to the vet in about two weeks to make sure his health is improving. I hope by then I will start to feel better about this. I'm worried that he is going to get sick again. For now I just have to do my best to take care of him, and look for any signs of strange behaviour.

I still have some fundraising to do to help pay for his vet bills. I have had a few donations from friends, which is awesome! I plan to put more yarn for sale up on my Ravelry stash page, and am knitting a lot of catnip toys to sell (so far I only have mice carcasses).

That is all for now. I probably won't have any more updates for a while. But really I should get back to updating about my knitting on this blog!

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  1. Glad to hear he's doing better! Get well, kitty!