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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frasier's Mousey Toys

It's been a few weeks since my last update about Frasier. He is doing well but is now on medication (half a pill a day). He is continuing to gain weight and his test results are mostly good, except his urea and creatinine levels are still very high. So I give him half a pill every day, and in a few weeks I have to add a powder to his food. He will go back to the vet in a couple of months to see how he is doing.

The vet bills are still coming in and I've been very thankful at all the help I've received so far. This week though I finally started selling the knitted cat toys that I've been making all month. I'm calling them Frasier's Mousey Toys. They are mouse-like toys knit with wool or other yarn that I have in my stash. I made 20 to start and today at work I sold 14! 14! Can you believe it? I know more people at work want to buy some and I have friends in Halifax and in other provinces/states that want some too.

The first twenty toys
I made some with catnip and some without catnip. I will make more this week to keep up with the orders, and if you would like some please get in touch with me at eastcoastknits @ gmail dot com. Each mouse is $5, plus shipping if you are not local (I can give you an estimate with your postal/zip code). I am trying to keep the cost of these low, so though I have an Etsy store (currently closed) I am just selling them via word of mouth and to friends. People can pay through PayPal or email money transfer (the better option if you're in Canada).

For size reference
This gives a good idea of how large the toys are
If you send me an email, just tell me how many you want and whether you want your toys with catnip or without catnip (also if you have an colour preferences).

Frasier cuddling with me a few weeks ago

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