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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012

I have not updated this blog in more than a year. Sorry about that! I was looking at my Twitter profile, wondering if I should still have my blog listed there if I don't update it. So I decided to update it.

The Ravellenic Games 2012 are happening right now, in conjunction with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I have never participated before, but I decided to this time around. I have a lot of WIPs but I'm actually working on a fresh project.

Olympic Socks #1

Just a basic pair of socks, toe up with a gusset heel. This yarn is Lion Brand Sock-Ease, which I chose because it just happened to be close at hand (my stash is a bit disorganized right now). This project is entered into the Sock Put competition. The above photo shows where I was when I went to bed Friday night. I would have been further along but I got distracted by the opening ceremonies.

Saturday afternoon this happened.

First casualty of the games

My Knitpicks circular needle broke, and when I went to dig out my other pair, they were broken in the same way. I managed to find another pair of circular needles in the 2.25mm size so I didn't have to switch to DPNs (I tend to break wooden ones).

Today I have started the gusset for the sock and hope to get the heel turned before I go to bed. I'm not sure how much knitting I'll get in during the week since I have to work all day, but I will at least get some time in during the evening.