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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Get Well Frasier

My cat Frasier is one very sick kitty. The orange tabby you see in banner on this blog, that is Frasier. On Tuesday night I noticed he was acting very strange, and he felt like he had lost weight. Picking him up was like nothing, I saw him straining to use the litter box, and he would not come out of the shower. All he would do is lay in the shower in the cat loaf position, not sleeping, not purring, not meowing. I knew something was really wrong when he didn't even mind Louis, my other cat, being near him. Normally Frasier would growl, swat, or move away if Louis got too close.

Frasier being a bit silly.
Frasier being sweet.
I took him to the vet Wednesday morning, and he is still at the vet today (well the emergency vet actually, so they can treat him all weekend). A lot has happened and I've wanted to keep people up to date so I've been posting updates to Twitter and Facebook. I am going to use this blog to post updates now so that I can just post to one place, making it easier. For now, here is what has transpired, via my posts to Facebook.

Wednesday, August 29, 9:51am:
So there's definitely something wrong with Frasier, keeping him at vet for tests and observation. It's going to cost like $400, which I don't have, plus whatever treatment. I am going back to work but I am barely keeping it together. I'm going to be unemployed in a month and I'm hungry and I missed my bus. :(

Wednesday, August 29, 7:13pm: 
Frasier kitty is convalescing in his usual spot on the back of the couch. He does look a bit better. I will drop him off again tomorrow so they can continue giving him IV fluids, and more antibiotics. Plus when the test results come back from the lab they can act on it right away. He might have a parasite from the fleas they had earlier in the year (and were treated for). 

Frasier resting after a visit to the vet on Wednesday.
Frasier resting on my scraggly bedspread on Wednesday night.
Thursday, August 30, 6:35pm:
I'd like to provide an update on Frasier but it's hard because there is so much information. He does have a lot of kidney damage but it's hard to say what's caused it. I can't really think of any toxin that he could have ingested. For now his symptoms are being treated, and once he starts feeling better the Dr will know more about his future health. Frasier is only 5 and I'm not ready to give up hope. He is my person and I love him so much.

Friday, August 31, 2:19pm:
Update: Frasier is doing better, kidney values down, appetite back, mood improved. He's not out of the woods but this is good news. Not sure when I get to take him home but he'll probably spend a few more days at the ER vet this weekend.

Friday, August 31, 5:42pm:
Update: Just got back from the vet and had a better conversation with the vet. Things are looking really good and the vet was really pleased with Frasier's progress. We still won't know how much of a recovery he'll make, but I am thrilled so far! I feel so much better and I bet Frasier does too. I didn't ask to see him; not sure if that's a normal thing that they allow. I do miss him but I think it's less stressful if I don't see him in that state.

So that is where we stand today, Saturday. He is still at the vet and I am trying to come up with ways to pay for these vet bills. At this point I don't know what the total cost will be. It's more than the original $400 I thought it would be on Wednesday. A friend has loan me some money and I am trying to sell some things that I don't really need (yarn for one thing), but it's going to be tough to pay this off. If anyone wanted to make a contribution, even just a small amount, it would be greatly appreciated. I know there are a lot of pet lovers out there who understand what this is like. It's not like I spend my money on big screen TVs, fancy vacations, clothes. I really just hang out at home with my cats, see my friends here in Halifax, go to work, knit. I live a pretty simple life but my cats mean a lot to me.

You can contact me at about donating through PayPal or email money transfer. 

I am going to make some catnip toys this weekend to sell to friends, and there has been talk of having a bake sale too, though I don't know how to organize that. 

I will keep you posted on everything from here on out.


  1. Enzo & I send lots of get well wishes to ToyotaKitty (LOL)!

  2. Hehe thanks! I totally just realized now that you can reply to comments on Blogger! Toyotakitty is napping behind me right now.