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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Twitter KAL: 198 Yards of Heaven

We have chosen our project, 198 Yards of Heaven by Christy Verity. I can't decide which yarn to use though. It calls for either worsted or aran and I do have lots of that in my stash, but I need something that will look good with lace. Something in a solid or semi-solid would be best. I was going to use the Berroco Lustra I bought recently but I planned to use the grey and blue together for something stripy and I don't think 198 Yards of Heaven is it.

Berroco Lustra in "Louvre"Berroco Lustra in "Montmartre"
Berroco Lustra.

I could use this Patons Classic Wool but I think all the different colours would obscure the lace, plus it has pink in it. I don't really wear pink and I'm too selfish to knit this shawl for someone else.

Patons Classic Wool Merino
Patons Classic Wool

I do have other yarns but I have things ear marked and don't want to use them for this project. Oh and no, I can't buy any more yarn so it has to be from the stash. That's just the way it is. Maybe this dark green single ply. It's aran weight and I have 218 yards. 

Ístex Létt-Lopi
Ístex Létt-Lopi

I guess this is why it's bad to buy so many single skeins, because they are often not enough for a project, or too much for a project. I have a lot of sock yarn though.


  1. I saw your post on Unclutterer & just wanted to tell you that I made a daily routine chart to give me a focus when things go pear-shaped. I had a traumatic brain injury, so I often need the help. I'd be glad to send you a copy. my edress is MammaLoo at y mail dot com.

  2. Hi just dropped by from another blog and loved what I saw. Will drop by again to see how you are doing and cath up with some of your projects.
    Happy Week