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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Help a gal out?

Some of you know I'm taking a continuing education course at a local university. The course is Certificate in Adult Education and I have 4 assignments to complete over the duration of the 10 modules. The first assignment involves writing a proposal for a course or training session I want to develop and deliver, along with a needs assessment for that course or training session (course, workshop, training session, etc.) The project can be a real life situation involving my workplace, volunteer group, church group, or even hypothetical. I've chosen a hypothetic topic for my project. The important thing is to show what we learn!

My assignment is on knitting, of course! The hypothetical situation is that I want to develop a 10 week knitting workshop for the beginner knitter. It's the type of workshop you might take at your local recreation department. The needs assessment is a short questionnaire I would have filled out by local residents interested in learning how to knit. The information collected with the needs assessment would help me to better design a program that will suit the needs of the audience or students.

Here is where you come in. I have to test the questionnaire before it's given out to the "audience". I need at least 3 people, preferably local residents, to fill out my questionnaire and give feedback on the design, clarity and questions. If you would like to help me out, please email and I will send you the draft questionnaire. Please let me know which format you prefer when you email me (.rtf, .pdf). The only thing as this is a time sensitive thing and I will need the completed questionnaires back by 12pm this Friday (January 7th).

At this point all the work I'm doing on these projects is to pass this course. Depending on how things go and where I am later this year, I might actually try to have this course offered through the recreation department or may teach it on my own. That is a maybe though ;)

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  1. Of course I'll do this for you! Do you still have my email?